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About the Foundation
Costelloe Dance Foundation (CDF) is a working charitable organization which supports children’s education and culture.

CDF aims to improve the standards of dance and dance education in Germany, by providing a combination of the highest quality training and the latest and up-to-date “know-how” available in the international world of dance, together with a strong and classical foundation that will benefit children with knowledge and experience to last a lifetime.

To support our mission, we aim to establish a facility which offers the finest children’s dance education in the country, and which is dedicated to the success and growth of Germany’s dance and entertainment industries and increasing the number of German speaking dance professionals (such as dancers, teachers, and choreographers).

Upon opening the academy CDF will continue to reach out to the underprivileged children of Hamburg, offering grants and financial support to talented children who deserve the chance to pursue their chosen career.

Presentations, workshops and cultural projects for the whole community are also in the making, as we focus on bettering the chances for our children.

Some Facts...

  • The results of the dance education in Germany as a whole, are noticeably lower than those of other leading dance countries, such as UK, Italy, Australia and USA

  • Most of the successful dance professionals working in Germany are foreign

  • There is more demand than ever for better children's education and more childcare facilities in Germany, as well as there being a boom in cultural interest

  • There are many theatres and production companies in Germany offering many jobs in the fields of dance. Due to the severe shortage of trained professionals, companies are often forced to employ people who do not always fulfill their artistic and professional requirements

  • Theatres in Germany are under great pressure. Not only do they experience heavy casting problems due to lack of good German professionals, but also extreme financial burden due to the consistent need for extra training. This results in further conflict within the company with regards to the strict working regulations in this country concerning work time
Mission & Vision
CDF's dedication to the realization and promotion of the importance of high standard dance fundamentals, supporting education, culture and the arts for children is accomplished through the following objectives:
  • To establish the finest dance school for children in Germany, and a facility which is dedicated to the success and growth of Germany’s dance and entertainment industries

  • To promote the importance of good dance training in young people

  • To offer scholarship programs and grants to exceptional candidates who are in need of financial assistance in pursuing their dance education and career

  • To increase the number of German dance professionals

  • To improve the standards of dance and dance education in Germany

  • To be recognized as a significant cultural asset by the local community
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